ITESOFT | W4 recognized by analysts on the Digital Business Platform market


Hot Vendors Digital Business Platforms 2016

Every year, ARAGON RESEARCH selects "Hot sellers" who bring a different value to the market thanks to innovative technologies, new strategies that open new perspectives. According to ARAGON RESEARCH the demand for new digital implementations that differentiate organizations is rising quickly, which has created a fertile environment for the growth of Digital Business Platforms (DBPs).

DBPs coordinate goal-directed work and support the smooth interaction of people, software, and machines in a most intelligent manner.

ITESOFT | W4 is recognized by ARAGON RESEARCH who distinguishes the company as a Hot Vendor.

About ARAGON RESEARCH: Aragon Research Inc is a research and advisory firm that was founded in 2011 by Jim Lundy and Mike Anderson. Based in Silicon Valley (Morgan Hill), ARAGON RESEARCH is focused on providing thought leading research and advisory services to help enterprises make better technology and strategy decisions.