The 5 reasons to digitalise the Procure-to-Pay process


Digitalising the supplier invoice processing is the priority of 60% of finance departments*


The supplier invoice processing (Procure-to-Pay) is complex, highly regulated, all too often manual and a significant source of cost, disputes and risks for companies... But it also represents a key factor in the performance and productivity of finance departments, contributing to improve the image and reputation of a company.

Discover why digitalising your Procure-to-Pay process should be a priority for your organisation, in a context where performance, regulatory compliance, fighting against fraud, and resilience are more important than ever.

  • Get the 5 key benefits of P2P automation
  • Draw a perspective on regulatory affairs 
  • Understand the critical performance indicators in terms of outcome, risk control, and agility
  • Best practices for selecting a solution and leading a project

*PwC - Priorities of finance directors, 2019.

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