5 Reasons to Digitalise the Procure-to-Pay Process

In 40 minutes, ITESOFT will give you the 5 reasons to digitalise the P2P process by highlighting the challenges and benefits of each of them.

In the program:

  • Delays, costs, risks... what are the main challenges of P2P?

  • How to reconcile operational and strategic objectives?

  • What solutions to meet the priorities of CFOs?

  • Leading a P2P digitalisation project: best practices


Craig Lindley

Pre-Sales Manager



Nick Dunnett

Managing Director


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About this Webinar

The digitalisation of P2P is a priority for CFOs in 2020.

The processing of supplier invoices (Procure-to-Pay) is complexhighly regulated, all too often manual and a significant source of costdisputes and risks for companies.

But it also represents a key factor in the performance and productivity of a finance department and contributes to improving the image and reputation of the company.

Find out why digitalising your Procure-to-Pay process should be a key priority for your organisation, in a context where performance, compliance with regulatory requirements, the fight against fraud and resilience are more important than ever. 

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