LIDL's Maximum Accounts Payable Automation

ROI in 4 months

LIDL's AP automation ITESOFT

"With ITESOFT we obtained a 95% automation rate in less than 2 months, and 70% of our invoices now go to no-touch"


Discover how LIDL obtained tangible gains in productivity, reliability and resilience with ITESOFT while meeting their 3 main objectives:

  • Absorbing a growth of 120,000+ invoices per year

  • Increasing the volume of electronic invoices

  • Ensuring data security

Learn more about the project, how they  implemented our solution, and the benefits observed!

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Find out the Rachel Finkelsztejn's testimony on the supplier invoice digitalisation project with ITESOFT's Streamline Invoices solution:

  • Comparison of market solutions
  • Implementation
  • Performance and measured benefits