ITESOFT + SAP®: Best of both worlds

Automate your AP with SAP in 2022

Accounts Payable automation is a critical step to receiving maximum value from your SAP system. But SAP, on its own, often falls short on expectations and lacks some critical capabilities to deliver optimal performance for these key financial process.


  • AP automation with SAP: what are the challenges?

  • How to achieve over 90% automation, ensure compliance and full visibility on your process?

  • Why is a synchronous SAP connector critical?

  • Demonstration of Streamline for Invoices with SAP


Craig Lindley

Pre-Sales Manager



Paola Monteverde

Marketing Manager


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About this Webinar

Reach next-level accounts payable automation with ITESOFT solution and its seamless integration to your SAP ERP

Disruptive events have put pressure on businesses to improve, optimise their business operations, innovate and transform the way they work. Now companies are looking for new technologies that will help them automate simple, daily repetitive tasks and improve the organisation's bottom line by reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

As an SAP user and finance professional, does costly, manual processes, lost documents or duplicates sound familiar? Do you currently have a complex model and user interface with poor visibility?

During this webinar, discover how you can envision a full end-to-end Procure-to-Pay solution that will give you full visibility over your process in real-time, offer massive time savings, optimise your processes and provide the highest levels of automation (85% guaranteed).

ITESOFT's Streamline Invoices, the best-in-class cloud solution to automate the supplier invoice processing, with seamless integration with SAP, leverages unique Robotic and AI technologies, that will outperform your current accounting processes. 
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