The 7 Myths of P2P Automation Debunked

Your guide to preparing your digital transition

When it comes to Procure-to-Pay automation, there are several common myths that prevent organisations from starting their digital transition. However, with the right solution and approach, these myths can be dispelled.

In this webinar, we'll debunk the top myths that prevent organisations from automating Procure-to-Pay processes: 


  • Myth: Difficulty integrating with current ERP systems
  • Myth: Requires a huge budget
  • Myth: Not for small companies
  • Myth: Takes too long to implement
  • Myth: Can't capture all invoice formats via different channels
  • Myth: Leads to loss of control
  • Myth: Impossible to prevent fraud

Suki Sidhu​

Business Sales Consultant



Craig Lindley

Pre-Sales Manager


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About this Webinar

Procure-to-Pay automation can transform what was once a labour-intensive, error-prone process into an efficient, controlled and data-driven function. The benefits of increased efficiency, accuracy, visibility and controls make a compelling case for organisations to invest in automating their processes.

If you hesitate to adopt Procure-to-Pay automation due to common myths and misconceptions, we can help you separate fact from fiction.

We thought of you! In this webinar, you can learn whether P2P automation makes sense for your organisation size and goals and what to look for in evaluating different solutions.

You will also discover ITESOFT's Streamline Invoices solution, the most comprehensive Procure-to-Pay cloud solution that employs AI and exclusive expert systems to ensure the best performance in accounting processes. Proof of this is the recorded extraction of more than 92% that it delivers.

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