Supporting AP in their digital transformation journey

APA Conference 2021

In disruptive times, technology plays a vital role in helping companies maintain continuity... Join ITESOFT's talk and learn the drawbacks of manual AP processes, the benefits of digitalisation and how it supports greater efficiency and business continuity.

In the program:

  • AP's challenges and growing complexity
  • Key findings and trends post-covid
  • Achieving a successful digitalisation
  • Implementing P2P automation with our 'Quick-start' methodology
  • Best-in-class automation technologies

Craig Lindley

Pre-Sales Manager



Paola Monteverde

Marketing Manager


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About this Webinar

ITESOFT has been a premium partner of the Accounts Payable Association for many years, supporting all AP and P2P professionals across the UK, and this year we took part at the APA Annual Conference 2021. 

For this conference, we dedicated a special session to all AP, P2P and Finance professionals with a session "Supporting AP departments in their digital transformation journey", where we share 👇

- Tips, main factors to help you build a business case
- All the critical elements to consider, to ensure the success of your AP automation project
- How to achieve a rapid deployment with our ‘quick-start’ methodology

& much more!

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