Oracle®x ITESOFT: A winning alliance

Optimise your P2P process in an Oracle® environment​

Oracle® is a strong and complete ERP but there are still some areas for improvement to be in line with the end-to-end digital transformation desired by the financial departments to deal with the increasing comlexity they face. Learn about how to optimise your P2P process in this webinar. 

In the program:

  • Automating invoice processing with Oracle®: what specificities and challenges?
  • Achieving an automated extraction rate of over 85% while ensuring compliance with your process
  • The benefits of a synchronous Oracle E-Business Suite connector
  • Demonstration of Streamline Invoices in an Oracle® environment

Suki Sidhu

Suki Sidhu​

Business Sales Consultant



Marwa Khalfallah

Field Marketing Manager 



Craig Lindley

Pre-Sales Manager


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About this Webinar

Improve your accounts payable automation with the ITESOFT solution, which seamlessly integrates with your Oracle® ERP.

With the increasing complexity transform business operations, companies are seeking new technologies that can automate repetitive tasks, minimize costs, deal with the risks of fraud, and enhance efficiencies.

If you are an Oracle® user and a finance professional, you might be familiar with receiving several types of documents through different channels, costly, manual procedures, lost documents, or duplicate invoices.

We thought of you! In this webinar, you can learn about a Procure-to-Pay solution that offers real-time process visibility, saves time, optimises processes, and guarantees an 85% automated extraction rate.

ITESOFT's Streamline Invoices, the most comprehensive Procure-to-Pay cloud solution which employs AI and exclusive expert systems to ensure the best performance in accounting processes. Proof of this is the recorded extraction of more than 92% that we deliver.

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